Saturday, October 4, 2014

Get Alone Undistracted

I recently read an article called Get Alone Undistracted which talks about spending more time with
God in an increasingly technologically-connected world. The article was a review of an article in Time Magazine that mentions that in today's world that we are never offline.

There are computers in phones, watches, and in glasses. We are constantly checking our statuses, updating information, always checking on something and when we are not, we get alerts pushed to us.

We are constantly being assaulted by pings, beeps, dings and other sounds that constantly remind us that we are connected.

Although I realize the importance of not being so "hyper-connected", the article was a good reminder. I read that article, closed the computer, left the phone in the house and got some good work done.

Today around our homestead, I worked on our chicken coop, worked around our fruit trees, cut some grass, went to get feed, made dinner and went on a walk with our youngest daughter.

Now, it's towards the end of the day, I have that great feeling of a great, fruitful and fulfilling day.

There are little, simple things that can be done to unplug...

  • I'd like to recommend setting a specific time to be on your computer. I remember my grandparents would watch the news at night after their day's work was done. Maybe set a time early in the morning to get your news, etc. and then put it away until close to the end of the day where you do the same.
  • Leave your cell phone inside and set a specific time or times that you will check it for messages, etc. Not having the phone with you decreases the temptation to constantly check it, update Facebook statuses, etc.
  • Don't end the day with a computer or TV. Our bodies react to the electronic stimulation and that affects our sleep. Instead, read a book before bed time.  
  •  I also like to end the day in prayer as it relaxes and grounds me and I can't think of anything nicer than falling asleep while talking to my Lord.

That's it for now and remember that it's the simpler things in life that matter!