Monday, June 24, 2013

299 Days: The Community - BOOK REVIEW

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing 299 Days: The Community, which is book three in the ten book series, 299 Days by Glen Tate.  After reading books one and two in this series, I could not wait for the third installment and 299 Days: The Community doesn't disappoint.

This book contains the continuing story of Grant Matson, his family and his close group of friends ans associates. We see  "The Community" organize and develop during this, the first part of the collapse as we have  front row seats to the importance of communities in general and to how diverse skills and hobbies can come into play.

Throughout this book, one sees a high level of realism woven into the storyline that brings events to life without specifically dating them. While reading this, one wonders if a similar possible future is in store for this country.
The book, 299 Days: The Community is entertaining yet has applicable truths that we can apply to our
everyday lives.

One of the truths that shines through is that one person can't possibly know it all or do it all, especially all of the time. The value of community; a diverse group of people with valuable life skills, is seen throughout. From metal workers, to doctors and nurses to electricians to farmers, everyone has valuable skills to contribute.

Also, the book with it's well-developed characters, showcases a group of people that show the innate good that is present in some people. There are those people who are good and  trustworthy and who see events coming. It's because they are able to supplement their natural caring tendencies with the planning, skills, knowledge/training and equipment necessary, that they now fall into the role of sheepdogs, essentially guardians of the people.

For those in the "prepper" community or mindset, this book will help you to look at your preps (including knowledge and relationships) and the different areas of prepping more carefully and from a different angles that you have previously. At the same time, people who are not "preppers" and who simply love a good story won't be disappointed either as this story continues, but doesn't get mired down in the weeds and the jargon of preppers.

This is developing into an excellent series! For a self-published, first time author, "Mr. Tate" really delivers. I find it a pleasure to read his writings and look forward to the rest of the series.

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