Sunday, November 17, 2013

Egg In A Basket

This morning, I had a craving for eggs so I decided to make a really cool comfort food. Egg In A Basket.

The dish is typically made as bread with an egg in the center, cooked with a little butter or oil. It is commonly prepared by cutting a circular or square hole in the center of a piece of buttered bread and cooking a egg in the middle.

Step 1 - Pre heat a frying pan to medium heat. Too high of heat and the bread will burn before the egg was done. (See below)

Step 2 - Butter the bread on both sides.

Step 3 - Cut a circular hole in the bread. I usually use a small cup or mason jar.

Step 4 - Select a fresh egg. These are eggs from our chickens.

Step 5 - Place the buttered bread with the hole in it in a pre-heated pan

Step 6 - An egg is cracked into the "basket" cut into the toast. 

Step 7a - Don't burn the meal. I had the heat set too high and burned my first attempt at breakfast.

Step 7b - When the underside is grilled nicely and the egg white is a bit solid, flip it over.

Step 8 - Serve on a plate with pepper and enjoy!

 I hope that you try and like this. I know of a lot of people (myself included) that consider this dish to be a really good comfort food.

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