Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Homestead Update/To-Do List

Homestead update:

With Springtime here, that means that there is a lot going on around the homestead from planting to dealing with new animals to basic upkeep, etc.

Here's what's happening at our place.

  1. We are currently planning our vegetable garden which will be raised beds.
  2. We are putting in strawberry plants and raspberry canes
  3. Need to build a new chicken tractor VERY SOON as our pullets are getting huge and need some extra room. The plan is to move the rest of our aging flock of Ameraucanas to the new tractor and then use the existing run and hen house for the new chickens.
  4. Need to clean out and repaint rain barrels
  5. Need to put in new grape trellis
  6. Need to clean up around blueberry bushes.
Whew, that's a lot to do... lol

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