Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mountain Men - Eustace Conway

When I first ran across the History Channel's show, Mountain Men I liked it from the start. Some will claim that the show is scripted, but my thoughts about that are even if it is scripted, the show makes you think.

I mean, the show is a made-for-tv reality show, so it is going to have creative license and editing, but I believe that you can pick out nuggets of truth and inspiration, especially from someone or something that is of interest to you.

Anyway, the three people profiled in the series are decidedly different from each other, yet have a common thread of self-sufficiency that strikes a chord with me as I see to live that lifestyle.

In watching the show, the one person that I am able to find the most information about is Eustace Conway, so I decided to read what I can about this unique character.

Subsequent posts will include a review of the book, The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert that I was able to pick it up at our local Goodwill Store.

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