Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game Trails, part 1

People search out game trails for multiple reasons. You could be scouting the area for hunting or trapping or for setting up a stand for hunting. Whatever your reason, I hope that this post is informative and helpful.

Some trails are easier to find than others. They seem to stick out to us. Others may be easy to see, but hard to follow as they seem to go all over the place. My goal for this and subsequent posts along similar lines is to provide some understanding of game trails, how to find them and what they are used for.

The first post will cover what they are and what to look for.

What are game trails?

Game trails are simply trails that game, both small and large use frequently. Game use trails such as these as pathways to and from food plots, water sources and bedding areas.

If you know where these trails are, you know areas where the game frequent, which in turn makes you a better hunter.

Where do you find game trails?

In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to find game trails is to start where they start, at the edge of where a field and woods or thicket meet.

This area is a transitional area as they game move from open ground to the relative protection of reasonable cover.

What do I look for?

I've taken several pictures of entrances to game trails that I've found this week.

In order to find game trails, look for areas where there is trampled down vegetation surrounded by area of high (or higher) growth.

When looking at an area to determine if it is a game trail, you can look for several signs, such as dropped food. Are there acorns in the trail?

Another sign to look for is scat (game poop). That is a sign that this trail is being regularly used.

A third sign to look for to determine if the path that your looking at is a game trail is tracks.

Finding a trail of trampled vegetation, scat and tracks are sure fire signs that you've tracked down a game trail.

Whether you like exploring the woods or are scouting out some hunting or trapping areas, I hope that this post was helpful.

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