Friday, February 1, 2013

Around our homestead...

Today, it's pretty cold. It's currently 14° outside, with a light dusting of snow. What a beautiful sight God has given us to wake up to!

Here are some pictures to start the day...

I went outside to check on the chickens and they are fine. They are out and about and all fluffed up, staying warm. 

I love the change in seasons and the look of snow covered trees, etc. Here is a shot of the back of our hen house and part of the chicken run.

I forgot to mention earlier that our chickens started to lay eggs again. Well, at least some of them have as we get a few eggs now and then. They must've heard us talking about what to do with hens that don't lay... lol

I took one of the eggs and made a poached egg on toast for breakfast. I absolutely love the taste of fresh, non-store bought eggs!

Well, that's it for now!

What's happening around your place this morning?


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