Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prepper's Home Defense - BOOK REVIEW

I recently had a unique opportunity to review a copy of Prepper's Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary, by Jim Cobb. Being an avid reader of homesteading and preparedness topics, I am not always too sure what to expect from any book on the subject. Some authors on these topics are spot on while others are very off. I am happy to say that Jim Cobb was spot on. The basic concepts of Prepper's Home Defense are laid out in a practical, easy to read and digest manner. Additionally, the amount of information that is contained in the book is varied and well rounded.

The book begins with the premise that some of the information that is contained may be against the law in our current society, but continues that if there is a breakdown in the structure of law that one must take whatever measures that are necessary in order to protect your family.

Mr. Cobb's writing style is such that someone who is a beginner at prepping can easy understand. Topics like Operational Security (OpSec), commonly known as "loose lips sink ships" aptly begin the book. The author then covers the basics, moving to physical security, then on to weapons, and finally to other, often overlooked areas such as "Children and Security."

While reading this, I quickly learned that there were numerous areas and topics that I hadn't even considered. I found myself frequently taking notes and highlighting areas for further investigation. Although there are some topics that I wish that the author would've gone into additional detail as the topical areas are not very deep, the framework that was laid by the author gives you a great starting place in areas that are often overlooked in other works. These points should be looked at so as to serve to pique one's curiosity to probe further into the topics, rather than to be an encyclopedic tome on the areas covered.

This book provides a wide range of information and when it comes to prepping, it's not what you have, it's what you know that matters. This book gives you a great places to start you on your way. I highly recommend it!

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