Monday, February 18, 2013

Mini Indoor Greenhouse

 This is an article on how to build a mini  indoor greenhouse inexpensively that will help increase your growing season.

I originally found this idea over at The Survival Podcast . It is such a great idea in order to get a jump start on your planting.

You will need:
  • 1 - An under-the-bed storage container from Wal-Mart (or any where)
  • 4 - threaded rods
  • 12 - nuts (same diameter as the threaded rods)
  • 8 - fender washers
  • 1 - piece of scrap wood
  • 4 - 2" lid bolts (size depends on how thick the scrap wood is)
  • 4 - lid nuts (to match the bolts above)
  • 4 - plastic acorn nuts (for the bottom of the threaded rods)
  • A drill and drill bit that is a little bigger than the diameter of the threaded rods
  • 2 - 2' grow lights

Lid Instructions
  1. Cut the scrap wood to fit the width of the lid. You will need two pieces, one for each end of the lid.
  2. Use two of the 2" lid bolts to attach the scrap wood to each end of the lid, being careful to leave room so the lid can snap when not in use.
  3. Install the nuts that match the (scrap wood/lid) bolts so as to leave a 1/2" sticking up. These will be used to attach the lights later.
  4. Install the wood to the lid, securing the bolts to the lid with the other lid nuts. Cut of any remaining bolts from the top of the lid.
  5. Attach the lights to the lid, by sliding them over the bolt heads, locking them in place.
Body Instructions

  1. Carefully drill a hole towards each corner of the body (lower part of the storage container), making sure that the holes will align with the wood cross pieces attached to the lid.
  2. Insert the threaded rods through the holes in the bottom of the storage tote, making sure that there is a washer and nut on each side of the body. The washers will make sure that the body of the mini-greenhouse won't crack. Still, when tightening the nuts, do not over tighten.
  3. Attach the acorn nuts to the bottom of the threaded rods. This will keep the greenhouse from scratching any table that it is placed on.
  4. Install four nuts midway down the threaded rods and follow then with the last four of the fender washers. These will support the lid.
  5. Match the threaded rods with the wood on the lid, marking them to drill
  6. Drill a hole through each marked spot on the wood. Drill through the wood and lid.
  7. Adjust the height as needed by moving the nuts (and washers) up or down the threaded walls.
  8. Plug in the lights and you are ready to go!

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